Support for RFS and Port Macquarie Koalas

In causes very close to our hearts, from now until the New Year, 10% of all our sales will be donated to the NSW Rural Fire Service and the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.  We will also match dollar for dollar, all money raised.

There have been many fires around Australia at the moment, some of the worst around the east coast.  The recent fires in New South Wales are not only in the state we live, but they are also very close to our hearts.  Mitch grew up around Port Macquarie and watched closely every day as the fires went through the areas he grew up in. 

If you had watched some of our instagram stories not long ago you would've seen us at a beautiful beach location with kangaroos.  This location was called Crowdy Bay National Park, it was one of the areas that Mitch grew up camping in, and was burnt down by the devastating fires.  The fires have not only taken peoples homes but also lots of the local wildlife with it, including the Kangaroos we saw. 

The fire went through 12859ha of national park, it could take many years before that National Park is back to the glory it once was, hopefully renewed with any surviving wildlife.  The firefighters have saved some areas of the National Park (including possibly the camp area) and also saved the fire spreading to many surrounding homes.  Mitch's childhood home and family were out of the fire zone thanks to the Rural Fire Service firefighters who came from near and far and worked around the clock to put out nearby fires,and stop them from spreading to nearby homes.

In a separate fire less then 15km away, at Lake Innes Nature Reserve, one of the largest populations of Koalas was also over run by fires.  75% of the fireground was in a prime koala habitat, with an estimated 350 koalas thought to have perished in the fire. Volunteers from the koala hospital have been searching for any surviving koalas, to date only 31 koalas have been found from several different fires around the area.  With money raised they hope to bring the injured koalas back to health and try to grow the population back.