About Us


Welcome to Pineapple Republic.

Thanks for visiting our store.  Started in February 2019 by Mitch and Kat, after seeing all the rubbish and pollutants that wash up not only on their own beach in Cronulla, Australia but also in the pristine Phillipines.  A trip to Siargao in the Phillipines, started the thoughts and conversation after seeing how the local community was implementing rules to cut down plastic waste and not be overcome by waste produced by growing tourism. 

After our first (of many) sips of mango banana smoothies through metal straws, we came to love drinking through the straws.  And so it began, Mitch with his longtime longing to open an online store and Kat wanting to pack and send products, the store came to life. 

We don't claim ourselves to be living a fully sustainable life.  We, like most people have only just started to take the steps to become more sustainable, use less plastics and use more reusable, eco-friendly products.

Just like many people we are working it out as we go and slowly transitioning how we live our lives, hoping for a cleaner future.  We choose products that we will use ourselves that are also affordable.  Products that are easy to use and implement into a busy household.  We know most people want to try to live more sustainably, to help the environment and aim for a better future, but it can be expensive getting started.  We're trying to provide products that arn't costing a fortune and that you can actually use everyday.  Any little bit you do can help, like reusable shopping bags, and carrying your straws. 

Follow us as we embark on our journey, there'll be new and exciting products all the time.


Kat and Mitch.

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