Week 1 - Coronavirus - Self Isolation

Let me start by saying we don't have Coronavirus, that we know of anyway!  Pineapple Republic is a side business, run with the environment in mind, our "Day Job" in TV Broadcast is the only way we earn money to pay our mortgage and bills.

Almost exactly this time 1 week ago, my colleagues and I lost all or most of our jobs.  The way we find out we've lost our jobs is a bit different to others, for the last 2 weeks we have all been closely following the Coronavirus updates, social media alerts on press conferences from the Prime Minister, Premier and sporting bosses.  On Monday we heard the NRL (football) was having a press conference at 6pm, news spread around quickly, I was working in Newcastle on the A-League (soccer).  We waited for the inevitable.  We had all known we were working on borrowed time every week, but we all watched this press conference somehow expecting a miracle to happen. 

The NRL had been suspended, the last professional sport that was keeping us all employed.  This is how the small TV industry of mainly freelancers, finds out we now have no more work, through press conferences.  Turns out that day was the last day a professional team sport or sport in general was played.  It was an odd atmosphere, everyone just wished the best for each other to get through however long we needed to get through.  We didn't say we will try and meet up, we just said stay in contact, because unlike others in the community at that point we were all trying to social distance and knew the importance of it. The only sport still going at this point is Horse Racing.

For us the problem is not just that if we don't work we don't earn money (no sick pay, no leave, nothing) but that we were going home with nothing to do.  We can't work from home, there is nothing to keep our minds active and fill in the day.  We also try and stay home as much as possible to stop the spread of the virus.  It's been a week, for some its hard to stay occupied and find things to do, most of my colleagues say they are bored, some have little side projects that they now have a bit of time for.  But the hard part is doing not much everyday for probably months, maybe 6 months.

We have started a balcony veggie garden, Mitch watches his basil grow every 3 hrs haha.  I cook a homemade dinner almost every night, which is a big change and we are going through a lot of food, which we only used to have to do twice a week, 1/3 of the week we got fed by catering at work.  One friend mowed the park opposite his house for 2hrs with a push mower!  The thing is most of us love our jobs, none of us want to be doing nothing, we would all rather just work then get free money from the government.  This is one of the biggest problems we are facing, finding things to do, when we can't go out.  We've been waiting for a week to lockdown so that we can all go back to work quicker, that is the best option for us now.













So besides making a new garden, that I haven't had for over a year (yay!), cooking elaborate dinners almost every night (fills about 2 hrs of the day), i'll be working at fixing up Pineapple Republic, adding the new products we have, sewing some dish sponges and reusable handy kitchen wipes.  Come back ready to go.

If you have any ideas or projects to keep us occupied, let me know. Heres to week 2, if I get bored I'll write another blog on how week 2 went, it could be very short!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Inside and STAY HOME (we are going crazy round here, its the least you can do to get us back to work ;) )


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