We Finally Did It!

In March this year we finally were able to get married!  After having postponed our wedding in October we almost didn't get what we had waited for.  Covid 19 restrictions had been reinstated due to a covid breakout one month out, but then eventually eased just in time for our wedding day #2.

Our original date in October was a warm sunny day, which then got hit by thunder and hail all across Sydney.  Mitch famously said "It can't get any worse then that".

Come wedding day #2, a 1-in-100 year flood hit the east coast of Australia.  Mitch's hometown on the mid north coast got hit by floods, as some of our guests made their way down for the wedding as their homes where threatened with rain and rising rivers.  Around 200mm of rain fell the day before the wedding.  The wedding day wasn't too wet, but our wet weather option came into play.

The Wedding was held at a racecourse at Warwick Farm.  We don't really care for horse racing but it's where we first met at work over 8 years ago and subsequently fell in love 5 years ago.  So horse racing holds a special place in our hearts.

The week of rain eventually stopped a day later!  And we were able to have amazing weather for our honeymoon in Queensland.

Thanks to all those that wished us well.  We hope there are many more crazy days to come.

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