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We’ve been very busy lately, lots has been happening behind the scenes in our lives.

Starting with the biggest, we just bought our very first apartment and moved us and all our stock, 2mins up the road.  2 truck loads worth of furniture and boxes for an apartment with 2 people in it 😬. That seems like an age ago though.  We miss our ocean views (maybe some of you miss them too from our insta and facebook stories), but its great to be able to change and do what we want to our own place.  Mitch has just finished some mini renovations and the place looks great.  Now we’ve settled in mostly we can concentrate on Pineapple Republic again.  

At the same time I went on a holiday and saw how the rest of the world is recycling and being environmentally responsible.  Mainly in South America, especially Peru, I was amazed at the public recycling they had in place, and the awareness they had to build sustainably and operate tourism as responsibly as possible.  In Australia we barely have public recycling bins let alone splitting your rubbish into 3 different bins at home and publicly.  Its always amazing what you find in other countries and how surprised you are that they are more aware of the environment then your own country.  It makes you think maybe we aren’t doing enough on our home soil.

We have quite a few work trips and weddings coming up for the rest of the year, including a wedding in Brazil, so it will be great to explore South America a bit more.  What that means is we will be starting our first Christmas sale a bit earlier.  We will still be open over Christmas but we will have our helpers pack parcels while we are away, so get in early.

We have some great new products to show everyone, and if you follow us on instagram and facebook, you would’ve seen us soft release our new Fill And Seal range of food and snack bags at the Markets.  They will be coming to the online store very soon.  Our Fill and Seal range are great to use to take snacks and sandwiches on the go, but also to store pantry items or other foods in the fridge and freezer.

We will also be making more biodegradable sponges and will also hopefully release some reusable “paper” towels, and makeup pads.  All are biodegradable, made of cotton and bamboo.  Machine washable and can be used over and over.  Once their lifespan finishes they can be composted or thrown out knowing they will biodegrade and won’t harm the environment.

We are always looking for great new products that we find would be great to implement into our own lives before we bring it into yours.  If you have a need for a product let us know and we will try and find the solution.

We are also working on an exciting new pay system that will hopefully come in line just in time for Christmas, stay tuned.

To top it all off we have a couple of big markets that we will be attending in the coming weeks.  Next Sunday 15th Sept, we will be in Watsons Bay at Robertson Park, a beautiful location on the water, we will be there from 10-4pm.  Then we will be at Gymea Village Fair on Sunday 27th October.

Phew 😅 that seemed like a lot. Hopefully we are now starting to settle in and get on top of things.  Some of you know that we also have “real day jobs” that can take up most of our time, because at the moment every cent we earn from Pineapple Republic goes straight back into it, so we have to pay the bills somehow.  So doing Pineapple as well, is like having two full time jobs, we sometimes fall behind.  Having a mini break was great to not do household chores, not cook, not go to work and only concentrate on relaxing and getting Pineapple Republic posts up.
I’ve got a few things at the moment i’m trying to get implemented as quick as possible, while also not burning out.  So all the above will happen very soon 🙂

The other day was my first day back at work after a 5+ week holiday, the catering lady welcomed me back.  Quite a few of my workmates have Pineapple Republic Bamboo Lunch Boxes or bring their own plates instead of using disposable plastic plates to eat our lunch.  Over the last year its been great to see everyones progression to reusable options, including our caterer.  

One day after noticing me fill my own container with food, she asked why i didn’t use her plastic plates.  I simply told her about Pineapple Republic and that we were trying to reduce our plastic use.  It was a simple conversation, nothing in depth, nothing forceful, just a 5 min conversation.  A couple months later she started supplying us with reusable cutlery, she mentioned to me she was doing her part.  She still supplied the plastic cutlery which some people still took but it was a start.

Now the other day after returning from holidays, she asked me how my holiday was, then she told me she is considering swapping the disposable plastic plates for reusable ones very soon.  Its great that she is thinking about how she can make a difference with her own business, to help the environment.  All it took was a simple 5 minute conversation back at the beginning of the year.  Nothing self-promoting, nothing forceful, I know i've come across some people that really force the point onto others saying that what they are providing ie. plastic cutlery and plates is so bad and harmful for the environment etc.  But you don't have to force the point onto others that arn't ready, you just have to plant the seed into their mind. 

We will wait and see how our caterer goes and whether she can change over.  It's not always easy to just go environmentally friendly and plastic free overnight.  It can take time and money to change over.  In the long run the time and money is all worth it, and you are helping your future.  But for me I don't find forcing the point onto others of going plastic free is the right way to help change peoples minds, I believe having conversations with people willing to find out why you are doing things, is the best way.  I never guilt people into going plastic free, I just say why I have decided to reuse and how I do it.  Plant the seed, show them how it can be easily do-able, and you might be surprised at the results.

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  • Trish

    You’re so nice by trying to educate people about going plastic free and not forcing your point. I get so frustrated at seeing friends and colleagues buying takeaway coffee and not having a keep mug. I’m not as nice as you about it though!

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