Day One

We went live around midnite monday morning.  30mins later we got our first order from Tammy in the USA!   All of a sudden maybe this wasn’t going to be such a silly idea after all! Unlike what i had thought it didnt take long for our first order.  I had had visions of us opening the store and popping the champagne, toasting to our newfound venture and hopeful success.  Unfortunately our celebrations of our first order were in our pjs as we were lying in bed, bleary eyed.


Success! Our first order, now to keep going.  We woke at 6am maybe earlier ready tackle the day.  We probably weren’t ready yet but we were only going to get a few orders anyway right.  I headed out early to go pick up some packaging, a new printer, paper and cardstock.  Our cards for our orders hadn’t arrived yet so i was going to have to make my own til they arrived.   Our old printer wasn’t going to cooperate so first thing we needed was a printer, and i’m so glad I did make that decision because our day couldve gone very bad without it.  The new printer was a lifesaver!!


All of a sudden we were getting orders slowly filter in.  Yay!  By 12 o’clock we had quiet a few orders, we had a quick appointment to get to and then a quick swim in our favourite cronulla rock pool.


We pumped the music and got to work to fulfill our first orders.  It was a very exciting time for us but also so stressful.  I hadnt figured out how to print out the tags and cards for the orders yet, we needed to wrap and pack all the straw packs and figure out how to print shipping labels.  Mitch excitedly went around picking the orders, while i started to put the products together.  There was actually a lot to do and very little time.  Everytime we finished one order another one would come through.  It was a good problem to have but we couldnt see the end.  We wanted to fulfil all our orders.  


6pm came and went.  We missed the deadline to post the first orders, but the time and care we spent putting them together was worth it I hope.  Everytime we looked up a new order came in.  At one point i think we were hoping it would stop haha.  By midnight we had done around 21 orders.   We were spent! It was a good problem to have.


We went to bed hoping this success would continue and that it was a sign of things to come.  What an amazing first day, it was everything we had hoped and more then what we had ever imagined we would do.


Thanks so much to everyone that checked out the store, followed us on facebook or instagram, and made an order.  We are over the moon!  Hopefully its a sign of things to come.  We hope to continue to bring you new products that are not only environmentally friendly and sustainable but also look great and are practical.  We are tired and busy but also so happy and excited that we have got our eco products out there and are spreading the word. Bring on day two.  


Kat 😃


Ps. We still haven’t popped the champagne yet.

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